Mass Intentions to be offered in the parish

Holy mass will be offered for the following intentions in the parish each day

Please contact the parish office if you would like a mass to be offered for a special intention

Sunday 28 September

St John’s
Adrienne Thornton (RIP)
Alice Nolan (RIP)
William Kelly (RIP)
Rita & Peter Dunne (RIP)

Holy Family
Marcus McCann (8th Anniversary RIP)
John, Thomas & Danny Harrington (RIP)
Sheila O’Neill (RIP)
Eddie Friel (RIP)

Thursday 1 October

Christian Bartlett (Birthday Intention)
Sheila O’Neill (RIP)
Maggie May Quinn (RIP)
Kathleen Murphy (RIP)

Wednesday 30 September

Mary Murphy (Birthday Remembrance)
Jack & Mary Murphy (Wedding Anniversary Remembrance)
Jim Sweeney (RIP)

Thursday 24 September

Helen Doherty (Int)

Wednesday 23 September

Shirley Colquhoun (RIP)

Sunday 20 September

St John’s
People of the Parish
Maria Dildia (Int)
Baby Arthur Anderson (RIP)

Holy Family
Anne & Owen Shannon RIP
Ryan Faulkner 2nd Anniversary RIP
Eddie Friel – Months Mind

Saturday 19 September

People of the Parish

Friday 18 September

Eileen Murphy Anniversary RIP

Thursday 17 September

John Hopkins RIP

Wednesday 16 September

Evelyn Kelly RIP
Eddie Wall 3rd Anniversary RIP

Tuesday 15 September

Nellie Clark (Int)

Monday 14 September

Michael O’Driscoll 14th Anniversary RIP

Sunday 13 September
St John’s
People of the Parish  
Bernadette McGroder (RIP)
Holy Family
Jenny Brack (Wedding Anniversary Remembrance)
Frank Pinkerton (Anniversary RIP)
Michael Casey (Wedding Anniversary Remembrance)
Michael O’Driscoll (14th Anniversary RIP)
Mary Philomena Callaghan (RIP)
Sara Buckingham (Intention)
Saturday 12 September
Private Intention
Friday 11 September
First Holy Communion Children & Families
Thursday 10 September

Holy Family
Steve Edwards (RIP)
St John’s
Frances McColgan (Requiem) 

Wednesday 9 September
Hud Bartlett (Birthday Intention)
Tuesday 8 September
Private Intention
Monday 7 September
O’Donnell & Neville Families (Intention)
Sunday 6 September
St John’s
People of the Parish
Pasqualina Salamone (1st Anniversary RIP)
Martin Hatchell (RIP)
Holy Family
Rose Evans (Birthday Remembrance)
Veronica Ruddle (Birthday Intention)
Bernadette McGroder (RIP)
Sara Buckingham (Intention)