Mass Intentions to be offered in the parish

Holy mass will be offered for the following intentions in the parish each day

Please contact the parish office if you would like a mass to be offered for a special intention

Sunday 24 January

St John’s at 10.00am
Willem Tijink Get Well Intention
Anne Reid 10th Anniversary RIP
Peter Carragher RIP
Raymond Clare RIP

Holy Family at 12.00pm
Special Intention
Una McNelis & Family Intentions
Pauline & Padraig Doogan Intentions
Tommy Rutledge 2nd Anniversary RIP
Daphne Morgan RIP

Saturday 23 January

People of the Parish
Geraldine McCreesh 6th Anniversary RIP
John O’Neill 26th Anniversary RIP
Peter Houlahan RIP

Friday 22 January

Private Intention

Thursday 21 January

Nellie Clarke Intention
Pat Hughes RIP
Bridget Farren RIP
Paddy Doherty RIP

Tuesday 19 January

Margaret Shields Get Well Intention
Alvin Alleyne RIP
Carol Dyson RIP
June Warren RIP

Monday 18 January

Private Intention

Sunday 17 January

St John’s at 10.00am
Willem Tijink Get Well Intention
The Byrne Family Intentions
Norah Rattigan 15th Anniversary RIP
Seamus Murphy RIP
Mary Anne Russell RIP
Bernie Martin RIP

Holy Family at 12.00pm
Michael & Geraldine McNelis & Family Intentions
Nancy & Kevin Breheny Anniversary RIP
Liam O’Neill Anniversary RIP
Patricia Hughes RIP
Betty Coady RIP

Saturday 16 January

People of the Parish

Friday 15 January

Private Intention

Thursday 14 January

People of the Parish

Tuesday 12 January

Willem Tijink Get Well Int
Mary & John Kelly Int
John Harrington Birthday Remembrance
Danny Harrington Birthday Remembrance

Monday 11 January

Private Intention

Sunday 10 January

St John’s at 10.00am
People of the Parish
Julie Borrie Int
Margaret Mockler RIP
Pat Hughes RIP

Holy Family at 12.00pm
Tom Danaher 3rd Anniversary RIP
John, Thomas & Danny Harrington RIP
Joan Power RIP
Betty Coady RIP

Saturday 9 January

Nora Doyle Intention
Eileen McMenamin Get Well Intention
James Doyle 2nd Anniversary RIP
James O’Brien 2nd Anniversary RIP

Thursday 7 January

Robert & Margaret Shortall 60th Wedding Anniversary Intention
John & Johann Bennis RIP

Wednesday 6 January

Sinead McNally RIP Month’s Mind

Tuesday 5 January

Mary McSharry RIP

Monday 4 January

Private Intention

Sunday 3 January

St John’s at 10.00am
Philomena ‘Phil’ Connolly 15th Anniversary RIP
Terence St Patrick & Doreen Stapleton RIP
Glenn Donohue RIP
Kathleen Reeves RIP

Holy Family at 12.00pm
Rita McElhatton Anniversary RIP
Alan Dean Walker 5th Anniversary RIP
Phil Baulk 6th Anniversary RIP
Desmond Dalton 8th Anniversary RIP

Saturday 2 January

Private Intention

Friday 1 January

John Harrington Anniversary RIP
Connie Bell RIP
Peter Houlahan RIP

Thursday 31 December

Eddie Friel Birthday Remembrance
John Collier RIP
Peter Blessing RIP
John Walsh RIP

Wednesday 30 December

Sr Eileen Birthday Intention
Sara & Mitch Intention
Toni & Gerard Pomfret Intention
Fr Ambrose Walsh RIP

Tuesday 29 December

Private Intention

Monday 28 December

People of the Parish