Mass Intentions to be offered in the parish

Holy mass will be offered for the following intentions in the parish each day

Please contact the parish office if you would like a mass to be offered for a special intention

Sunday 8 November

St John’s
Nellie Clarke Get Well Int
Pat Brouder Anniversary RIP
Terence St Patrick & Doreen Stapleton RIP

Holy Family
Pat Martin Anniversary RIP
Concepta Moore Anniversary RIP
Brian Maginn Anniversary RIP
Anne & Owen Shannon RIP
Deceased of the Markowski Family RIP

Friday 6 November

Jimmy Lyons 7th Anniversary RIP

Thursday 5 November

Holy Souls

Wednesday 4 November

Mary Ryan RIP

Sunday 1 November

St John’s
Isaac Birch Birthday Int
Private Intention
Mary Keeney RIP
Mary Duggan RIP

Holy Family
Edmund Penn 8th Anniversary RIP
Sheila Hegarty 12th Anniversary RIP
Sean Murtagh Birthday Remembrance
John, Thomas & Danny Harrington RIP

Thursday 29 October

Patrick Joseph Hoare RIP
Liam Hoare RIP

Wednesday 28 October

People of the Parish

Sunday 25 October

St John’s
Margaret Coughlan Get Well Int
Mary Thomas RIP
Sean Carroll RIP
Liam Broderick RIP

Holy Family
Joseph Costello 2nd Anniversary RIP
Benny Monahan 6th Anniversary RIP
Mary Murray Anniversary RIP
Martin & Annie McMahon Anniversary RIP
Teresa & Don Keech RIP
Jenny Brack RIP
Pat Hoare RIP
Lillian Gilmartin RIP


Sunday 18 October

St John’s
Anne Brophy 7th Anniversary RIP
Annie Borbone Anniversary RIP
Gillian Gustave RIP
Clifford Gustave RIP

Holy Family
Anthony McCarney Anniversary RIP
Deirdre Power Anniversary RIP
Iain Byrne Anniversary RIP
Hubert & Mary Bevan Anniversary RIP
Anne & Owen Shannon RIP
Rick Coleman RIP

Thursday 15 October

Danny Coughlan RIP (Months Mind)
Paul Cushnan RIP
Eamonn Matthews RIP

Wednesday 14 October

People of the Parish
Adrienne Thornton RIP
John Healey RIP

Sunday 11 October

St John’s
Adrienne Thornton 1st Anniversary (RIP)
Jim Towey 14th Anniversary (RIP)
Peter Blessing (RIP)
Jacob Phillips (RIP)

Holy Family
Pat Rattigan 1st Anniversary (RIP)
Robert English 4th Anniversary (RIP)
Colette Creaven 10th Anniversary (RIP)
Joan Burke 14th Anniversary (RIP)
Heaney, Creaven & Sheridan Families (RIP)
Rick Coleman (RIP)
Margaret Spittle (RIP)

Thursday 8 October

Oscar Ketteringham (Int)
Ann Barry (Int)
Joan O’Connor (RIP)
Peter Blessing (RIP)

Wednesday 7 October

Most Holy Souls
Paddy Moran (RIP)
Sarah McGrath (RIP)
Sadie Woods (RIP)

Sunday 4 October

St John’s
Adrienne Thornton (RIP)
Alice Nolan (RIP)
William Kelly (RIP)
Rita & Peter Dunne (RIP)

Holy Family
Marcus McCann (RIP)
John, Thomas & Danny Harrington (RIP)
Sheila O’Neill (RIP)
Eddie Friel (RIP)

Thursday 1 October

Christian Bartlett (Birthday Intention)
Sheila O’Neill (RIP)
Maggie May Quinn (RIP)
Kathleen Murphy (RIP)

Wednesday 30 September

Mary Murphy (Birthday Remembrance)
Jack & Mary Murphy (Wedding Anniversary Remembrance)
Jim Sweeney (RIP)
Michael Clooney (RIP)

Sunday 28 September

St John’s
Adrienne Thornton (RIP)
Alice Nolan (RIP)
William Kelly (RIP)
Rita & Peter Dunne (RIP)

Holy Family
Marcus McCann (8th Anniversary RIP)
John, Thomas & Danny Harrington (RIP)
Sheila O’Neill (RIP)
Eddie Friel (RIP)

Thursday 24 September

Helen Doherty (Int)

Wednesday 23 September

Shirley Colquhoun (RIP)

Sunday 20 September

St John’s
People of the Parish
Maria Dildia (Int)
Baby Arthur Anderson (RIP)

Holy Family
Anne & Owen Shannon RIP
Ryan Faulkner 2nd Anniversary RIP
Eddie Friel – Months Mind