Mass Intentions to be offered in the parish

Holy mass will be offered for the following intentions in the parish

Please contact the parish office if you would like a mass to be offered for a special intention

Saturday 27 november confessions from 4.30-5.30pm followed by mass at 6.00pm at holy family

Judith Holmes RIP Month’s Mind
Don Campbell RIP
Margaret Martin RIP
Mary Jo Haughey RIP

Sunday 28 november

Holy Family at 9.00am
People of the Parish
Dee & Family Intentions
Steven Kinneavey RIP
Lal Holden RIP

St John’s at 10.30am

Maureen & Steve Intention
Private Intention
Phyllis Galvin RIP
Sheila Maguire RIP
Mick Shanley RIP

Holy Family at 12.00pm
Steve Sweeney Birthday Remembrance
Terry Halford Birthday Remembrance
Bridie O’Connor RIP
Margaret Martin RIP

Monday 29 november- funeral mass at 12.30pm at holy family

Clifford ‘Cliff’ Knott RIP

Thursday 2 december at Holy family- mass at 9.30am followed by confessions until 10.30am

Vida Lobo RIP
Margaret Martin RIP

Friday 3 december- adoration at 8.30am followed by mass at 9.30am at holy family

John Lyons Anniversary RIP
Lily & John Penn Anniversary RIP
Edmund Penn Remembrance
Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Morgan RIP
Fountain RIP

Saturday 4 december mass at 6.00pm followed by confessions from 7.00-8.00pm at Holy Family

Catherine Coady 1st Anniversary RIP
Dairmuid Mannion 1st Anniversary RIP

Sunday 5 december

Holy Family at 9.00am
People of the Parish
Sinead McNally 1st Anniversary RIP
Fountain RIP

St John’s at 10.30am
Terence St Patrick & Doreen Stapleton RIP
Jim Doran RIP

Holy Family at 12.00pm
Denzil Pettigrew 9th Anniversary RIP
Lindsay Gaughan RIP
Ivan Tellis RIP
Vivien Dixon RIP